The difference between a conspiracy theory and actual conspiracy is that the latter can be proven by facts and evidence, the former often merely being an opinion hard to substantiate let alone prove. Politicians, Secret Services, hierarchical top-down controlled professions including Sciences, Teaching, Arts, Military, Banking and Law etc can all be party to a conspiracy if only by strictly adhering to heavily enforced taboos. Not examining what truly happened on 9/11 and 7/7 `because you should respect the relatives of those who died in those horrendous terrorist attacks` is an example of such cynical taboo. To do so may also be career limiting as well, of course. This book examines contemporary conspiracies & cover-ups which fool people while also shaping and managing their perceptions & conformity. It also examines the socio-political changes created by design accompanying it all, and then finally where all that met the world of the author.


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